Daler Sharifov (Biography)

Journalist. Researcher. Social Activist.

Daler Sharifov (formally: Sharipov Daler Abdumannanovich) was born on 01 January 1988 in the town of Vahdat, around 20km east of Tajikistan’s Capital. His father, Abdumannan Sharifov, is a local school teacher and his mother, Pakhtamah Niyazova, is a housewife.

He got his primary and secondary education in the local school No: 29 in his hometown and joined the National University of Tajikistan in 2006. He graduated from this University’s School of Journalism in 2012.

He started practicing journalism since he was a student of this university by successfully contributing output to some local media outlets. Between 2009 and 2013 he presented “Conversation” and “A Drop of Sea” programs for the state-owned TV channel “Safinah” with a unique style that made him popular.

From 2013 he joined the independent news agency ‘Azadegan’ and contributed to this local media outlet by being part of its editorial staff until 2016. He was skillful in writing critical and analytical items that required courage and self-devotion.

His colleagues say when working in this news agency he admired constant learning and self-development. Paid special attention to social and religious issues and broadly researched these subjects.

In 2012 he launched a campaign against regionalism (mahalgarayi) and regional discrimination in Tajikistan’s political establishment by writing a number of articles on this issue and tried to formalize his activities by establishing a movement called “Step by Step” but faced pressure and confrontation from officials.

He was attacked on 7 May 2012 by unidentified people, but, like many other offensives and onslaughts on journalists in the past two decades, authorities never uncovered and announced the perpetrators of this attack.

As a social activist, he has his own position on different matters related to society. Some of his articles, such as ‘A Learner’s Message to Damollah (scholar) Hekmatollah’, ‘An Appeal to [the Interior Minister] Ramazan Rahim’ and ‘How Pharaoh became Pharaoh’ had been widely discussed in intellectual circles.

Daler Sharifov is married to Saida Qurbanova, who is also a journalist. They have two children.

He was detained by the staff of the State Committee for the National Security of Tajikistan on 28 January 2020 and two days later was charged with ‘inciting national, religious, ethnic, regional…’ hatred.

To defend his rights, members of the media community of Tajikistan have joined a social media campaign to #FreeDaler, launched by the European Congress of Tajik Journalists and Bloggers which will be ongoing till he would be released.

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