First official report of Covid-19 infections in Tajikistan

Tajikistan reported 15 cases of coronavirus infection for the first time. Ten cases are reported from the northern Sogdian region and five cases come from the capital city, Dushanbe, the state news agency ‘Khawar’ reported on 30 April citing the national center to fight Covid-19 pandemic.

The government of one of the poorest Central Asian countries has been under sharp criticism from media and civil activists for not doing enough to prevent the pandemic. Tajik doctors reported hundreds of ‘pneumonia’ cases over the past month while denying any case of Covid-19 infection in the country. The local WHO representative also has been repeatedly criticized over the past month for ‘complicity’ in hiding coronavirus infection cases.

The National Center to Fight Covid19 says around 11,000 local and foreign citizens were quarantined since 1 February, of whom around 8.5 thousand were released home healthy. Currently, more than 2000 people are held in quarantine in health centers across the country, 304 people were released yesterday.

The National Center to Fight Covid-19 also announced the summer holiday from the 4th of May for university students of the 1st, 2nd, and 3d years. For school graduates, the graduation exams should be completed by the 15 of May.

The center also ordered all residents to use face masks.

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